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Catchers Bootcamp

The Catchers Bootcamp will be the most intense, and also the best catching camp that your child will compete in! This will play a major impact in their catching ability but also educate them on the game of baseball and how important their position really is.

Catchers are to be the leaders on the field and will be a confident leader once they go through this grueling and challenging program.

EBA will be putting these catchers through countless footwork drills to speed up their footwork while also pushing them through catcher specific drills to make a major impact in their development as a catcher and a leader on the field.

Catchers will be trained on the following areas and much more...

  • Blocking
  • Receiving
  • Throwing to bases
  • Footwork and positioning for bunts
  • How to approach the tricky pop fly
  • Learning to call games and keep hitters thinking

We HIGHLY recommend to bring an extra shirt for this program!!


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