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This position is only for a selected player, a player in who doesn’t mind getting dirty and being involved in every pitch. A Catcher takes control of the game and most of all, the LEADER on the field!


As a hitter you have to be very explosive and know how turn negative energy into positive energy and make these actions work together which will produce harder hit baseballs and more consistent power at the plate.


Players learn how to create energy and reduce the risk of sore arms and bad elbow problems for the future which will result in extending their playing career.


Get good reads on the ball and making smart angles to get into a proper position to field every ball.

Base Running

Start taking bases on the opponent when they least expect it and get the most out of every stride within the base paths.

Recruitment Services

Tired of playing baseball on PEI or in the Maritimes against competition that is not at your level of play and want to get a chance to play at a more elite level?

Strength and Conditioning

In order to hit the ball harder and more consistently you need to become quicker with your hands, stronger with your core and more functional and explosive with your lower half.

Private Lessons

This is a great way to improve your game but in a quicker manner as you work with an instructor 1 on 1 with no distractions and nobody else to throw you off your training.

Off Season Training

Winter High Performance Camps are designed for those baseball players who want to take the time over the cold winter months to improve their game and get ahead of the competition for the following summer, while keeping joints and muscles well oiled so they are prepared for the next season.

Video Analysis

Video Analysis provides players with a unique way to view themselves from a different perspective.