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“I've found that I have improved a lot from the EBA winter baseball camp and that it was a great experience. I really liked playing baseball all year round instead of hockey, and if I had the opportunity to participate in the winter camp again I would”.

- Jeremy Koughan

“As a parent of a player who went through this winter ball program, I am impressed with the dedication that the coaches gave my son. The small group worked well as each player was an individual who received many hours of quality instruction time”.

“My son improved his ball skills with many different drills that targeted areas that the coaches felt needed strengthening. I feel that my son has been given an opportunity that will help him go right into the ball season without skipping a beat. He will feel confident walking on the field having had the extra knowledge and experience”.

“The coaches were always willing to go the extra mile to encourage my son to learn to the best of his ability. I would highly recommend this camp to any player looking to better their skills”.

- Debbie Hughes

“Our opinion of our son's participation in The Eastern Baseball Academy's first year is that it was most beneficial”.

“Our son’s improvement in fielding and hitting techniques has helped him develop into a more confident ball player. Jason and his support staff of Temple and Alex, have provided countless advice and instruction on base running, fielding techniques, hitting, cut-offs and situational pitching. We feel that all the young men that participated in this past winter have shown great improvement and I would recommend this program to anyone wishing to see their child's skill level improve during the winter months”.

- Larry and Jeannie Connolly

“Excellent program, well organized, positive environment, varied education and fun atmosphere”.

- John and Dave MacKenzie

“Camp was great it had a good balance of fun and hard work. The coaches pushed you to do your best and no more or no less”.

- James Yeo

“I looked forward to going to the EBA camp every week because the honest and consistent coaching staff along with the advanced equipment helped me develop greatly as a player and helped me prepare and be one step ahead of everybody for the upcoming ball season”.

- Will Connolly

Ben Landry on Winter Training Program

"It was worth every penny"! "It was better then I expected it to be". "If you are willing to put the effort and time in you will see awesome results".

- Ben Landry (player)

Grace on Pitching Bootcamp and Video Analysis

"Taylor has improved his Pitching drastically over last year and enjoyed the 4 month camp greatly". "The video analysis was extremely helpful as Taylor would watch them at home to see where he was going wrong then work on his flaws at the next day"! "The notes which came with the video analysis were helpful as well, since it made Taylor understand the videos better". Thank you for the great year!

- Grace Larkin (Parent)

Myles on the Winter Training Program

"I thought the Winter Training Program was very beneficial as it gave me the opportunity to get thousands of reps in of certain skills pertaining to Hitting, Fielding and base-running". 

- Myles McInnis (Player)

Geoff Ross on Winter Training Program.

"Harrison had a blast! He had a great summer last year but felt he could do better if he focused on developing his fundamentals and skills: the EBA program provided both the individual attention to the areas he needed to work on and the competitive environment that challenged him to push himself to get better. He's a better player because of EBA. The winter went by quickly! Bring on Spring!"


- Geoff Ross

Kevin Willis on 10-12 yrs Pitching Camp

"It was a great camp, and a good starting step for skills of pitching regarding 10-12 year old players. I would recommend this camp to anyone wanting to improve their child's pitching skills."

- Kevin Willis

Gabino Penalver on the 10-12yr old Infield Camp

"The 10-12YRS Infield Camp was of a very high quality.  My son was thrilled since the very first session he attended.  The level and quality of the coaching was outstanding.  Repetitions and corrections, and also some fun while doing it, were enjoyable components of the camp".

"Gabriel had the privilege to learn and understand key fielding techniques that make him a more confident fielder and therefore a faster/quicker player on the diamond.  Anyone who would like to bring their fielding skills one step further WILL benefit from this EBA camp".



- Gabino Penalver