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Two Fingers Behind the Ball

This simple technique can ruin ball control and velocity if not performed correctly and consistently

How many pitchers do you see who, no matter what they do, cannot develop good control or command of their pitches, or their velocity is erratic.?

Why is that?

Many times it is simply not having the two fingers behind the ball at ball release.

When the fingers get on the side of the ball this reduces straight line rotation thus the ball cuts just like a cutter or sometimes a slider.

I have seen many youth parents get excited about this because they think their son has natural ball movement...when in fact that movement is by accident and reduces velocity and creates poor control...just because of the position of the fingers on the ball at ball release.

What's the cause and the problem? Sometimes it is as simple as checking the pitcher's grip. When was the last time you checked your son's grips...on any of his pitches?

We see this every single week during our camps and is something we have to address consistently with players/parents who overlook this simple skill. The two fingers are not positioned with the finger pads across the seams and the thumb is not positioned directly under while splitting the two fingers on top.

If the thumb is not positioned between the two fingers above and is more in the 7 o'clock position then the ball is going to rotate horizontally because the middle finger, which will come off the ball last, will now add forces to the right side of the ball for a RH pitcher...which creates that horizontal spin and cutter action through ball flight.

So check the grip and the pitcher's arm action. Is the ball getting back behind the pitcher's head or not.