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Video Analysis Services

If you’re looking to get an in depth look at a players skill to find advancements within that skill or whether you are looking to move onto higher levels of baseball like high school and college and need a professional looking video produced then the Eastern Baseball Academy can be of assistance to you in accomplishing this important document as this piece of evidence and video analysis can be a very important and crucial piece to improving a player’s skill as the video never lies!! Therefore you can pin point problems and flaws that are impossible to be seen with the naked eye or throughout certain drills as the actions in baseball all happen within split seconds and are very quick and explosive movements.

Here at Eastern Baseball Academy we recommend you provide yourself with as much video analysis as possible, because of the very true fact that the video will tell you exactly what movement(s) the player is performing, and what motion they are being performed in.

Video analysis is a crucial part in wanting to make your game better on the field and during practice, as it gives you the real picture and sequence as to what is happening with your body during movements.

Movements related to:

  • Routes to the baseball
  • Mechanics of receiving the baseball on the ground or in the air
  • Loading of the swing
  • Motions of the delivery
  • Contact points of the swing
  • Action points in baseball

This Video Analysis will also be provided with tips and drills that the player can take home to improve certain skills and help them get to the next level in their playing career.

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