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The Baseball Off-Season – What do we do now?

For some of you who’ve found yourself struggling at the beginning of every baseball season, you need to really sit back and reflect on what you could have done differently during the off-season to prepare yourself for the season past. Some players still won’t do a thing and will still expect to be the top hitter, fielder or simply be a better player than last year. You think it is really possible to never train for a sport in the off-season and then play it better the following season? You better think again!

Every player that really wants to get better and prepare for next season will put in the work and countless reps over the off-season to achieve this goal.

The baseball off-season is also a time to reflect on your season past and figure what your goals are for the off-season and what you would like to achieve during the following baseball season whether that is being a consistent hitter or making a provincial roster. Being honest with yourself is the best way to figure this out and will enable you to find areas of improvement and develop a plan.

NOW is the time to put the work in and start developing your game!

So now that you have actually sought out some goals and areas you need development, now you have to actually put the work in to achieve these goals! This work and time will come at a cost of course – but the true cost comes down to how bad you want to get better and how much you want to develop.

Here is what it will take to achieve your goals…thousands of reps done the correct way and with a true purpose behind them. We get a kick out of the players who receive lots of reps during the off-season but just go through the motions and expect the world when spring training comes around! SORRY WRONG PROCESS, WRONG MIND SET!! To develop a certain motion you physically need to practice with a purpose and a have a reason behind what you’re doing.