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CatchingSuch a demanding and gruelling position but somebody has to do the dirty work on the field.

This position is only for a selected player, a player in who doesn’t mind getting dirty and being involved in every pitch. A Catcher takes control of the game and most of all, the LEADER on the field!


Blocking - You DO or you DON’T!! There is no grey area when blocking you gotta want to block before thinking about trying to perform it. Blocking is something the Pitcher depends on!


Awareness - 1 out, 2 outs? Where are the runners? What kind of hitter is up? Where does he stand? What’s the Hitter’s weaknesses? Don’t know the answers....then you may want to think of another position!! If you don’t know then who will pass on the information?


Framing - Losing strikes doesn’t create a good relationship with your Pitcher... Keep strikes, strikes and make close pitches seem like strikes.


Commander - Carry yourself like one as all eyes are on you and everybody is paying attention!! You get lazy or careless then everyone else gets lazy. Be LOUD, effective, active, energetic. Let everyone in the park know what the situation is!



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