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Fielding Instruction

Fielding InstructionLearn how to cut down time to the baseball and start throwing out more runners along the way.

Get good reads on the ball and making smart angles to get into a proper position to field every ball.

Nothing is going to help a player like FIELDING THOUSANDS of balls, repeating angles and receiving motions, as it comes back to the golden cliché of “Practice Practice Practice”!!

Think of it this way....

In a game as a fielder you get how many balls hit to you? 1, 2, maybe 3 if you’re lucky, or you’re facing a good hitting team. Each ball has to be fielded cleanly without an error unless you want to give up extra bases, which no team does. It is scientifically proven that you have to repeat a certain movement or skill 2000 TIMES in order for it to be become second nature!

This may explain why the reasoning of the more repetitions of a certain skill for a player the better he will succeed at his position and help his team win!



Footwork - Take a minute and forget about the hands? What gets you in position for throwing, or fielding a baseball? YOUR FEET!! You can not field a baseball if your feet are not in position nor can you throw it accurately if your feet are not underneath you.


Efficiency - Timing and quickness produces efficiency on the field. This can be done by performing efficient routes and patterns to the baseball to cut down time and space to the ball. Learn to receive the baseball while using the glove and hands as one unit!



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