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Hitting Instruction

Hitting InstructionWant to improve your hitting and confidence at the plate?

Improve your vision of the baseball as it enters the hitting zone!

Did you know that the average Major League hitter is virtually blind the last 15ft of the initial pitch?

Do you want to hit the ball more consistently and find how to keep the barrel of the bat in the strike zone longer?

As a hitter you have to be very explosive and know how turn negative energy into positive energy and make these actions work together which will produce harder hit baseballs and more consistent power at the plate.



Three Phase Hitting Approach
  1.Lower half
  2.Upper half/hands

Many hitters are usually mechanically good at either the upper half or lower half of the swing, it’s how they “mix” these together that produces a quality hitter. Training in 3 phases produces an understanding for mechanical efficiency and produces quality hitters. What is “mixing”? It is the concept of training the lower and upper half with tee work and mixing them to work efficiently together with front toss, BP or Live pitching.


Explosive Energy - You need to “load” your energy back in order to create explosive energy forward into contact!! A smooth transition of energy onto the back side of your stance then exploding that created energy forward is one way of creating power as a hitter!!


Whip - Creating bat whip starts with separation of the hands and pulling them to the hitting zone before the barrel along with critical timing between the core and hands, creating whip of the barrel as it enters the hitting zone.


Swing plane - If you want to hit the ball more consistently then stay on the path of the pitch longer!!! Learn to get the barrel of the bat started in the back of the strike zone and not halfway through....


Bat Speed - This is absolutely the best tool for measuring power!! Maximize bat speed by having efficient movements into contact.


Approach - Overlooked and misunderstood....You best have an approach before stepping into the box and getting ready to hit. Have 1 pitch in mind and hit that pitch when you get it. 92% of the time you get one pitch per at bat that you can hit hard, BE READY FOR IT!!


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