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Players show turn around in 2nd simulated game!

April 18th, 2011

Team "A" went on to beat Team "B”" 3-0 as Pitchers from the 4-month Pitchers Bootcamp, show big improvement in second simulated 5 inning game. Larkin, with 2 innings of work struck out 4 batters while having back to back 3 up 3 down innings, in only 28 pitches. There was also strong performances from Jeremy Koughan who had 5 strikeouts over 2 innings, Harrison Ross who was consistently around the plate in his first inning striking out 2 batters and JP Stevenson had a good quick inning picking off 2 runners.

Team A showed strong hitting from Tyson Blue going 3 for 3 at the plate with a stolen base, followed by hits from Ben Landry and Kyle Gillan.

Team B had hits from Will Connolly, ben Ladner and Harrison Ross while John MacKenzie followed up with a stolen base.

"The players showed a much better approach at the plate during game 2 as opposed to game 1, where they seemed to really understand where in the hitting zone they can hit balls hard but also what areas of the zone they need work on" states Monaghan.

Players training in the 7-month long Winter Training Programs seem to be really excelling within their at bats and play on the field as there was no errors in game 2 of our simulated series and a lot more quality at bats.

Stay tuned for the results of our 3rd simulated game!