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Crunch time in WTP starts with back 2 back games

Game #1

Players are moving into crunch time during the Winter Training Program where every swing and every defensive play from a batted ball mean so much as players are starting to realize that team tryouts and the baseball season is far away.

To kick off this intense period of training EBA had back to back games which featured 1 lopsided game and another thriller that game down to the last play of the game

In game 1 of the back to back showdown team white were held to 2 hits during the first 5 innings and Team Black held to 4 hits until Team Black bursted out in the top of 5th inning with 7 hits and 6 runs to climb out to a 7-0 lead. Team White only scored 1 run in the bottom of the 6th to break the shutout and Team Black went on to win the game with a 7-1 thrashing over Team White.

Big hitters for Team Black were Dominique Ryan with 3 singles and a double while Denver MacKenzie had 3 hits.



  1. Dominique: 1B, 1B, 2B, 1B
  2. Taylor Larkin: 1B, 1B, SB
  3. Denver MacKenzie: 1B, 1B, 1B
  4. Nick Kays: 1B
  5. Matt Barlow: 1B, 1B


  1. Harrison Ross: 1B, SB, SB
  2. Darcy Affleck: 1B, 2B, SB

Game #2

In game 2 the excitement and thrilling plays went down to the last out of the game where Taylor Larkin got thrown out at home plate trying to score and tie the game!!

Game 2 saw a much more even affair with each team battling it out to the end and providing solid offensive throughout the game as each team had 14 hits and countless highlight reel plays to add to the excitement.



  1. Denver MacKenzie: 1B, SB, 1B SB, RBI, 1B
  2. Dominique Ryan: 2B
  3. McInnis: 2B, 1B
  4. Patrick Gallant: 1B, Sac bunt
  5. Kays: 1B, 1B, 2B
  6. Barlow: 1B, 1B, SB, 1B, 1B


  1. Harrison Ross: 1B, 2B, SB, 1B
  2. Connor Myers: 1B 1B
  3. Brandon Condon: 1B, 1B
  4. Darcy Affleck: 2B, 1B, 2B
  5. Taylor Larkin: 1B, SB, 2B, 1B, SB
  6. JJ Oram: 1B, RBI, 1B, 1B,