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Eastern Baseball Academy welcomed Prospects Baseball Academy in March while they were on the Atlantic Canada recruiting trip looking for players to join there travel team. Prospects Academy is an elite high school baseball program from St. Alberts, Alberta which provides a competitive 100+ game schedule against elite college programs in both the US and Canada along with games against other elite high school baseball programs while students obtain their High School diploma and look to get recruited to US or Canadian colleges.

Upon their departure Prospects Academy showed interest in many players from EBA which could fit into the Prospects elite program after developing in EBA’s 6 month Winter Training Program. EBA looks forward to placing 4 -7 players in the Prospects Academy for the 2012 school year.

EBA is fortunate enough to have contacts for programs of this elite status where players can attend and compete against college players while obtaining there high school diploma along with having the chance to get scouted for US and Canadian college programs.

Stay tuned to see what players get placed into the Prospects Baseball Academy.