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Pitchers Show BIG GAINS!

April 27th, 2011

Pitchers in our 4 month long Pitchers Bootcamp have been able to show big gains over the 18hrs of training between the months of January - April in which they have been working hard to perfect their delivery to plate, and learning how to play defense in between pitches.

Pitchers have shown gains of up to 7mph on there fastball, while the minimum progress we have saw was 4mph!! Every Pitcher in our camp was able to gain at least 4mph on their fastball, which is something EBA is very proud of and therefore is looking for more players who want to put the work in to get positive gains in there pitching delivery, and take there game on the mound to the next level.

"When the players first showed up to camp in January we realized that a lot of players could not hit a 6' x 4' padded mat" from 60' 6"". "Which is when we realized that we had our work cut out for us" stated Monaghan.

Since we have had a such a good group of players to work with it made the process pretty easy to better their pitching delivery that much easier. The final product of this camp showed more balls thrown within the strike zone and the Pitchers were able to repeat the same pitch and same delivery time after time, which shows the concentration they have had during this 4 month period.

Since we have saw great gains in MPH added to fastballs and Pitchers showing they now understand the pitching delivery through our first Pitchers Bootcamp, EBA has decided that they will be hosting there second Pitchers Bootcamp come January 2012, and will be looking for more players to help develop there skills.