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Pitchers training in 4-month long Pitchers Bootcamp got a chance to throw in their 1st simulated game of the year.

Pitchers from the Pitchers Bootcamp were able to get their feet wet in a live 5-inning simulated game, showing their stuff and working on the mechanics of their delivery against players training in the 7-month long Winter Training Programs.

EBA, having tweaked the dynamics of their Winter Training Programs to almost a 360dgr turn from last year, decided to make the atmosphere a little more intense and game-like as they get closer to the start of baseball season. They held the 1st of 3 simulated games, which will be held before the end of April.

“We have now gone through 5 1/2 months of training while critiquing swings and fielding mechanics. Now it’s time for these players to see how their adjustments fair out in live game situations” says President Jason Monaghan.

“This is our first year for the Pitching Bootcamp and the players have been training since January on perfecting their stuff in order to be more consistent around the plate, while fixing mechanical faults within their delivery and trying to figure out what works for them”, adds Monaghan. “Since they have not been able to throw to live batters, we decided to mix it up a little bit and bring them out to a Winter Training Program session to throw in a live 5-inning game” says Monaghan.

Team “A” went on to beat team “B” 4-1 while having strong Pitching from Harrison Ross and Jordan Stevenson, along with consistent hitting from Myles McInnis, Will Connolly, and Jeremy Koughan. EBA will be looking to have its 2nd simulated game near the first of April.

Eastern Baseball Academy is constantly making changes that will benefit the Academy’s camps and make the atmosphere a very fun, yet competitive place to train.