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Francis Commits to Dawgs Academy

Long time EBA player Ethan Francis has recently been placed into the Okotoks Dawgs Baseball Academy.

Ethan Francis has attended EBA’s Winter Training Program & Pitchers Bootcamp for the past 4yrs while developing his talents to become one of Atlantic Canada’s top Pitchers, which led him and his family to the decision of attending Okotoks Dawgs Academy this Fall. .

Francis, who first attended EBA back in 2011, came into the program not knowing what was ahead of him and his family while he was just wanting to become a better player. Through hard work and a determination to leave PEI and play baseball at a higher level, Francis as a pitcher started his time at EBA throwing 54-56mph. Now 4yrs later with free moving mechanics and an understanding of how to use his body to maximize control and velocity, Francis left EBA throwing 80mph consistently while touching 81mph. .

Attending the Dawgs Academy as a grad 10 student enables the highly talented Pitcher to fine tune and hone his skills for a three year period while working towards the goal of a college scholarship. .

With the Coaching Staff the Dawgs Academy bring to the table and the work ethic they put in to develop their players there is no doubt that Francis will be a special player to watch down the road. .

“Ethan Francis today is an overpowering pitcher with great mechanics that allow him to get the most out of his arm and body frame on a daily basis. The EBA Coaching Staff really saw Francis’ development take off at the start of the 2014/15 Winter Programs, as I believe it was then that Ethan realized he had a special gift as a Pitcher in baseball as he took that talent and ran with it. With a combination of where Francis is now with his development and where the Dawgs Pitching Coaches can take him, he will be an exciting player to watch down the road as he strives for a collegiate scholarship”. comments EBA President, Jason Monaghan. .

The EBA Coaching Staff would like to wish Ethan Francis the best of luck in the future as he looks to obtain a college scholarship..