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8 players make Canada Cup team

The 2011 Canada Cup team will be well prepared as 45% of the team have been trained by the Eastern Baseball Academy over the winter months getting thousands of ground balls, fly balls and swings.

Eight players of the 13 players that trained in the Winter Training Program from Oct-April have been selected to represent PEI at the 2011 Canada Cup tournament in Moncton, NB!

We at EBA are very pleased and honored to have such success come out of our Winter Training Program which is our major program that we offer at EBA as it involves 7 months of training from Oct-April where players will get thousands and thousands of ground balls, fly balls, and swings within this time period. Along with training in base-running, run downs, and other various skills in the game of baseball.

We recommend the Winter Training Program to any player who is looking to make a major impact in their development as a baseball player.