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Base Running

Think you have to be fast in order to be a great base runner..... Think again!

Base RunningIndulge on how you can become a smarter and more effective base runner. Start taking bases on the opponent when they least expect it and get the most out of every stride within the base paths. You will be surprised at the end of this clinic as to how many extra bases you are taking within one game.




Attention to detail - Learning what to look for in a pitcher’s movements and what kind of patterns the catcher repeats can be key in taking extra bases. READ the defense, pay attention to what is going on, baserunning can be the BIGGEST ASSET to a team if used properly!


Reaction - Don’t second guess just do it! If you see a chance take it and make it happen at that point in time, don’t waste opportunities as you only get a couple each game.


Technique and footwork - Using efficient footwork and having effective technique when taking leads and going through patterns on the base paths can increase total bases per game. Learn how to get the most out of your leads and make them useful.



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