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Strength & Conditioning

Like any sport, a well conditioned athlete can execute more effectively with more power if they are strong, fast and explosive. Skill combined with strength and power form the foundation for peak performance.

In our 2010/2011 season Eastern Baseball Academy will be teaming up with Spero and Next Level training to provide baseball players a chance to become a complete well rounded athlete.

When it comes to baseball, acceleration, deceleration, throwing, hitting and jumping power are the limiting factors of performance. These training qualities can be developed for each position using a structured program that delivers performance gains safely and effectively for each position in baseball. Whether your goal is to advance your baseball career or to simply get in shape and play your best, Next Level Training and Eastern Baseball Academy can help you get there.

Eastern Baseball Academy strives to develop quality baseball players stressing fundamental skills and strength and conditioning. Next Level Training shares in this philosophy and is looking to show players how a well rounded foundation of strength, power and quickness can improve your game on the diamond.

Yes you will improve your play by doing repetitions in hitting baseballs, throwing and receiving, receiving ground balls.....But to become the real athletic player that everyone is looking for you need to become a better athlete!!!

Accomplishing these feats by getting stronger, faster, more explosive, having a quicker and more explosive first step to provide you with good jumps on balls and stolen bases!!!

In order to hit the ball harder and more consistently you need to become quicker with your hands, stronger with your core and more functional and explosive with your lower half. You cannot just swing harder to hit the ball harder you have to train and become a better athlete in order to make this happen!!!


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